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De Slimste Mens – Trollenknots Remix

Sometimes the most crazy ideas are the best (remember Con Te Tsunami?). Watching a hilarious scene about Delhaize’s vegetables campaign in “De Slimste Mens Ter Wereld” with Rik Verheye and Erik Van Looy lead to a productive Saturday afternoon in the studio. A few hours later my TROLLENKNOTS remix was born! I posted it on Facebook but never thought it would go viral… 1 day later it had +100k views!

Most asked question: “When will the downloadlink be available”?
The answer: right NOW! Check the link below 😉

You’re a dj and want to play this track? Or you just want to download it to play anywhere on your phone? Great! I uploaded a radio version and extended mix in dropbox. Just follow these easy steps to get the link directly into your mailbox:
1) share the video
2) fill in your e-mail address
3) Check your mailbox & enjoy! (if you can’t find the e-mail, check your spam folder)

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