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2K17 Festival Mashup Pack

Keeping traditions alive: after the festival season I always give away some mashups and edits I’ve been playing all summer long. Hope you like...

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Nickelback vs Feint – How You Fall Away (Mashup)

So many new mashups ready, but this is one of my favorites… that’s why I’m sharing this first! Tested and approved on different gigs...

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90 minutes at Tomorrowland in 60 seconds

No professional film crews, management or booking agency involved… Just my (little?) brother and wifey who made some video footage from the best crowd...

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Deorro ft De Mol – Shosholoza Bailar (Mashup)

Maarten Vancoillie asked me “hey, do you De Mol on tv?” I answered “Hmm no, I’m afraid not”. Two hours later this came out...

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Stevie Wonder vs Ariana Grande – Sir Duke Problem (Dimitri Wouters Mashup)

Free download as always: 1) Fill in the form below and you’ll get an e-mail who provides access to the downloadpage! 2) Like my...

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Con Te Tsunami (Dimitri Wouters 150BPM Hardstyle Flip)

There’s a tsunami crossing our little country this weekend… perfect timing to release this mashup! I’ve been playing this for years, now ready to...

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